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Gemhunter Off Road Custom Caravans | Quality Workmanship and Materials

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Gemhunter Off Road Caravans

One of the Lightest | Heavy Duty Off Road Caravans On the Market


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The Best in Luxury Custom Off Road Caravans

Made from  light weight fiberglass/foam sandwich composite panels, therefore offering you better fuel economy.
All Caravans are built with strength, durability and reliability in mind. Providing You with a quick and easy set up to travel Outback Australia in luxury.

Quality workmanship,materials and personal service is what “Gemhunter Off Road Custom Caravans” is about.

Gemhunter Off Road Caravans  are individually designed and manufactured according to your needs. We use only the finest quality materials, including solid timber cabinetry, European appliances and windows, and state-of-the-art electronics and lighting.

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Here’s 12 Compelling Reasons Why Your Friends Will Be Envious You’re Towing a Gemhunter Off road Caravan.

1. Costs less to tow… Our caravans are one of the lightest, heavy duty off road caravans currently on the market utilising leading edge design and modern materials.
2. Insulated…Completely ,including the floor. No air gaps to transfer heat or cold. Cooler in the day and warmer at night.
3. Tough as nails… The same fiberglass panel used to reduce weight, incredibly makes the van stronger. This same panel is used in trucks, busses & ocean going yachts.
4. The internal frame won’t crack or corrode… Why? Because a Gemhunter Off Road Caravan doesn’t have one! You won’t experience the common problem with the internal frame cracking or moving when travelling on corrugations. Our unique fiberglass foam sandwich construction means no more body maintenance.
5. You won’t have timber rot problems… Because apart from cabinet doors & draws there is no timber.
6. New technology… Some caravan manufacturers are still persisting with manufacturing methods & materials prevalent 30 years ago (aluminium,timber and checker plate). Aluminium framing cracks, timber rots & aluminium checker plate armouring adds extra weight and is unnecessary when the body of your caravan is just as tough.
7. Get exactly what you want… We’re not a template caravan manufacturer which means you truly get what you desire in an off road caravan. We have suggestions we can bring to the table and can certainly point you in the right direction, but we find it’s only when you’re able to share your imagination and dreams with us, you find the end result becomes something magnificent. Nothing is impossible, and nothing is too much trouble!
8. The people you talk to are the ones who build your off road caravan… John and Diane are the owner/builders and are the fussiest people you’re ever likely to meet! If it’s not good enough for them, it’s not good enough for you.
9. ‘Magic carpet ride’ suspension. Gemhunter Off Road Caravans ride beautifully on air bag suspension, which means your new van will float across corrugations with ease and will therefore protect the fittings and your belongings inside the van from damage as much as possible.
10. Dustproof… The attention to detail in our design and quality assurance  ensures that the dust stays outside.
 Latest in energy efficient LED lighting
11. Easy to clean… The smooth surfaces of our Gelcoat caravan exterior means that cleaning becomes as easy as your car.
Rot and corrosion free body for life
12. Proudly Made in Australia… Using Australian products and materials wherever possible.


Gemhunter Caravans Other off road Caravans
Water and dust sealed from top to bottom
Totally custom built (every van is unique)
Fully insulated body including the floor
Easy to clean
Built to last
Real timber cabinets finishes
Personal service
Tough dent resistant exterior
Full size showers and bathrooms
Full pillow top inner spring “home” sized beds
 Latest in energy efficient LED lighting
Durable Fixings Latches
Rot and corrosion free body for life
Double dust and water seals on all doors and hatches
UV resistant exterior finish

A Gemhunter Off Road Caravan is for you if :

    • You want to take your 4WD vehicle to the most remote places possible, and you want your caravan to be right there behind you for every kilometre.
    • You want to travel to Australia’s most famous off road destinations (Cape York, Simpson Desert, The Kimberlies, Frazer Island, Gibb River Road) and do it in style and comfort.
    • You’re an existing “off road” caravan owner and are tired of things breaking, or your van is not as off road capable as you were led to believe.
    • You plan to sleep in the van a lot. You’ll appreciate the insulating properties that only our vans can provide. Inside you will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
    • You’re sick of wasting money at the bowser towing a van that only gets it’s strength from bigger thicker steel and components , as opposed to a new-age approach to caravan design and engineering using modern materials and concepts.
    • You feel restricted with the designs & internal layouts other manufacturers insist on. When you build a caravan with Gemhunter off road caravans, you get exactly what you want.

 We will design your ‘Home Away From Home’ Off Road Caravan Exclusively for you.

Bring us your ideas and we will bring them to life….

Talk to John and Diane at Gemhunter Custom Caravans

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